Regularization of ATOs/SOs/PAs as Tourist Officers

Whereas, the issue of regularization of Assistant Tourist Officers as Tourist Officers was pending from the last many years due to the non-availability of service records which got gutted during the fire incident of 2005;

Whereas, the Department decided to compile the records from the Retired/In-service Assistant Tourist officers / Incharge Tourist Officers for further course of action;

Whereas, the Administrative Department vide its Circular dated 10.06.2022 asked for submission of the Service Books/APRs/Relevant Records from the Retired/In-service Assistant Tourist Officers /In charge Tourist Officers of the Tourism Department for their regularization as Tourist Officers and who were directed to submit the same at their respective Directorates.

Whereas, the Directorate of Tourism, Kashmir has received some Service Books from the concerned Retired/In-service Assistant Tourist officers and the most of the Assistant Tourist Officers have not submitted the said records;

In view of the above, a final opportunity is hereby given to concerned Retired/In-service Assistant Tourist Officers/Incharge Tourist Officers for submission of their records within 07 days from the publication of the aforementioned Circular, failing which, the Department shall issue Final Seniority List in favour of those Assistant Tourist Officers/ Tourist officers whose records are available and accordingly shall be considered for regularization.

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